Party Spas

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Introducing the ultimate Party Spas

Our party spas are all constructed in-house at our purpose-built manufacturing facility. A favourite amongst buyers who love to entertain their guests, outdoor party spas provide fun-filled excitement for up to 10 guests. Fully equipped with a set of features you’d expect from a premium quality hot tub, the party spa seamlessly blends revolutionary technology with sophisticated design stylings, ensuring an immersive spa experience that is second to none.

We also have a smaller version of these great party spas called the “Compact Entertainer”. These spas are an 8 sided Octogon shaped spa, comfortably seating 6 adults.

Take a look at the Compact Entertainer spa HERE.

The tangible benefits of using a spa

Engineered from high grade marble acrylic, party spas offer far more to the user than a simple sense of relaxation and comfort. They provide a whole myriad of scientifically proven benefits as well, such as:


Temporary pain relief for sufferers of arthritis and other muscle and joint related ailments


Hydrotherapy, as a direct result of the soothing waters jets gently massaging your muscles


Reduced back pain


A better night’s sleep, when soaking in a spa prior to going to bed


Heightened strength and mobility, due to the therapeutic effects of heat therapy

Contact the team today

There’s no better way to experience the sheer wonder of a Lifestyle Spa than by visiting our showroom floor. The friendly staff will gladly assist you with any queries you may have and provide you with all the advice you need for choosing the right party spas for your requirements.

Ensure total safety when your spa is not in use

When owning a swimming pool, you are required by law to have the pool secured by a council-approved pool fence, to ensure that young children cannot enter unsupervised. Likewise, it’s essential that you protect your spa when not in use, by using a spa cover. We manufacture our very own line of high quality hard spa covers, right here in our factory. Hard covers provide total security against unwanted child entry and help protect the pool from evaporation when exposed to extended periods of sunlight.


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