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SpaPower Chain Lighting for your spa pool and surrounds.

Clean water and good flow are the nuts and bolts of any spa. But lights are the glitz and glamour to make your investment come alive.

With Davey SpaPower chain lights you can add glowing ambience or animated colour to your spa that can be easily activated using your Davey Spa controller.

Documents below are available for download

TypeDescriptionWattsCompatible With
QRDL7GSLSpa Slave Light0.75SP400, SP601, SP800, SP1200
QRD5LH5” Slave Light HousingN/ASP400, SP601, SP800, SP1200
QRDPLWPOL Light Wire (1 metre)N/ASP800, SP1200
QRDPLW2POL Light Wire (2 metres)N/ASP800, SP1200
QRDQUADPOL20” Quad POL Unit (4 LEDs)1.2SP800, SP1200
QRDDBLPOL20” Double POL Unit (2 LEDs)0.6SP800, SP1200
QRDMPH*100Mini POL Housing - pack of 100N/ASP800, SP1200
K16POLKit - Light & housing, 2 x 1m light wire,2 x 2m light wire & 4 x 4 LEDsN/ASP800, SP1200

Davey SpaPOWER QB Series Spa Booster Pump for spa pools.

Want the latest most powerful Davey spa pump? Then look no further than these super quiet and super efficient QB Series spa booster pumps.

Creating strong pressure from your jets, to soothe and relax sore muscles, the range offers single or two-speed models with various output sizes to ensure high flow is delivered when and where it is needed.

Choose to install with a Davey SpaPower spa controller and speed adjustments can be made from your poolside touchpad – just brilliant.

Features of the Davey QB Booster Pump Include:

  • Double insulated to water circuit – provided with an Equipotential Bonding Point for AS/NZ 3000 wiring standards
  • Powerful Pump Performance – Robust pump design combined with powerful motor options delivers high performance, for a satisfying spa experience
  • Stainless Steel Pump Shaft – Corrosion resistant 316SS pump shaft to ensure years of trouble-free use, even in salt water spa pool applications, for an extended pump life
  • Energy Efficient – Single and two speed models available to help conserve energy during filtration cycles
  • Flexible Installation – Pump housing can be turned 180° for easy installation of pipework, horizontal or vertical
  • Quiet – Large suction and discharge outlets allow for higher performance but at lower noise levels, ensuring a powerful yet relaxing spa experience
  • Enhanced Pump Design – Shielded yoke design helps protect the motor from any adverse leaking from the wet end whilst still meeting all industry safety standards
QB3001-AMP 2200WSingleAMP
QB2002-JJ 2200WTwoJJ
QB3002-AMP 2200WTwoAMP

Davey SpaPOWER 500 Spa Controller for portable spa pools.

Clean water and good flow are the nuts and bolts of any spa. But lights are the glitz and glamour to make your investment come alive.

With Davey SpaPower chain lights you can add glowing ambience or animated colour to your spa that can be easily activated using your Davey Spa controller.

TypeMax AmpsHeater (kW)Plug OptionIn-Pool Temperature SensorTouch Pad Options
Q500A1510AMP1.5kWC38OptionalRectangular or oval
Q500A2015AMP2.0kWC38OptionalRectangular or oval

Davey SpaPOWER 800 Spa Controllers for medium sized spa pools.

The Davey SP800 range of spa controllers offer excellent options for spa pool control. Available in multiphase (single or three phase) they can run up to three spa pumps (single or two speed), plus blower, circulator pump and an Ozone generator. For spectacular colour, the unit can power up to 60 individual LED lights both in and around the spa pool.

Available in 2.0kW and 3.0kW heater options, the SP800 range also features an in built optical water sensor, safety thermal cutout, optional in-built temperature sensor and ful functionality from the LCD touchpad including temperature and maintenance reminders.

The SP800 touchpad is multi-lingual with 7 in-built languages, is fully programmable and easy to use.

TypeMax AmpsHeaterTouch Pad OptionsTimeclock
Q800AU-2015AMP2.0kWOval, rectangular or racetrackIncluded as standard
Q800-3040AMP3.0kWOval, rectangular or racetrackIncluded as standard

Davey SpaPOWER Blowers generate relaxing bubbles for spa pools.

The Davey range of spa blowers offer energy efficiency at a very affordable price. With more air generated for less power usage than alternate models, the Davey SpaPOWER blowers mean enjoyment is guaranteed.

The SpaPOWER blowers range feature single speed and variable speed blowers with various plug connections, air switch operated versions and a heated single speed blower. Operation can be managed from your spa pool touchpad.

With available air flow up to 70litres per second, the SpaPOWER Blowers make your spa experience much more enjoyable.

Documents below are available for download

Q5601-C38900WSingle speed3 pin
Q5601-AMP900WSingle speedAMP
Q5601-JJB6900WSingle speedJJ blower
Q5604-C381400WSingle speed3 pin
Q5604-AMP1400WSingle speedAMP
Q5605-C381400WAir switch operated3 pin
Q5607-C381240WHeated single speed3 pin
Q5612-C38940WAir switch operated(button not included3 pin
Q5602-AMP940WVariable speedAMP

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